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Top One Gel Polish Top Coat 8 ml is the only top coat in the offer that leaves a dispersion layer after curing. The slightly thick consistency allows to even out any unevenness that may have arisen while working with gel polish or after decorating. The unique formula will keep the nails clean and free of shine until the next styling. Additionally, Top One does not change the colour from white to yellow or black to navy blue.

TOP ONE Gel Polish Top Coat Julia Nessa 8ml

£10.20 Regular Price
£7.14Sale Price
  • • Durability.
    • Top density allows to even out the surface.
    • Does not turn yellow, and does not get dirty.
    • Does not turn white to yellow or black to navy blue.
    • Shines beautifully.
    • Curing time: 90 sec in DUAL LED 48W lamp/180 sec in UV 36W lamp

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