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Tixy 1-Phase Clear is a 1-phase transparent gel created in 2018 as a gel dedicated to no filing technique. The gel has a technology called 'fluid memory' or thixotropy. Thanks to its single-phase formula, it can also be used as a base. Works great with other gels from the Tixy range. It allows to control of the gel and reduces filing to a minimum. Tixy adheres to the nail plate like a drop on a rough surface. It does not run off and flow like standard gels. It gives you more control over the shape of the nails.

Tixy 1-Phase Clear 50ml

£35.00 Regular Price
£26.25Sale Price
  • • Thixotropy - fluid memory
    • Durability
    • Flexibility
    • Can be clamped
    • Great for extending and building a natural nail plate
    • Single-phase formula
    • Curing time: 60 sec in DUAL LED 48W lamp



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