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Naked Gel Polish Base. Thick self-levelling gel polish base with a milky-pink colour. Pigmentation at the level of 30-40% gives the nail plate a natural, healthy look. It partially camouflages imperfections caused by damage or natural curvature of the nail. The base can be described as elastic, but medium-hard. It's a product that will perfectly strengthen weak and brittle nails.

NAKED Gel Polish Base Julia Nessa 8ml

£10.20 Regular Price
£8.16Sale Price
  • • Adhesion, durability
    • Can be used as a gel base
    • Allows building on a natural nail
    • Strongly hardens the natural nail plate
    • Works well with weak and brittle nails
    • Gives the effect of natural, healthy nails
    • Partially camouflages nail imperfections
    • Curing time: 30 sec in DUAL LED 48W lamp/180 sec in UV 35W lamp

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