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The Quick Click Acrylic Ready-to-do system is:


- ultra quick

- ready "nail" to be glued

- a lasting effect that can be infilled with gel or acrylic

- three trendy shapes: almond, square and coffin

- no troublesome form cutting and glueing tips 

- perfect shapes obtained in the simplest way

- thin nails that do not break

Nail Tip GLUE 30g QUICK CLICK - gel glue NAEEL

  • To use QUICK CLICKs it is essential to use Náeel gel glue.

    Nail Tip Glue, dedicated to the Quick Click Acrylic-to-do system, is the perfect binder, what makes acrylic quicks durable and solid styling.


    It prevents the quicks from detaching from the nail. Maintains the Quick Click system like a traditional gel or acrylic styling.

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