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Jelly Cover Beige is a camouflage gel with a beautiful beige colour. This is the hardest gel in Julia Nessa's range. It was created with extreme shapes and Construction French in mind.  It aloows to infill the chipped sides of the nail without using a form. Thanks to its jelly consistency, does not go under the free edge of the nail, which translates into comfortable work without fear of flooding the cuticles and the free edge of the nail. As with the Master line, Jelly is used at nail styling championships

Jelly Cover Beige 15ml

£15.00 Regular Price
£11.25Sale Price
  • • Elasticity, adhesion
    • Allows building 5 nails at a time
    • Does not come under the free edge of the nail
    • Can be clamped
    • Dedicated to extreme shapes
    • 120 sec in UV 36Wlamp/120 sec in DUAL LED 48W lamp


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