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NOBLE – Gel polish provides coverage from the first layer.


NOBLE is a professional and vegan UV/LED gel  polish that is highly pigmented. The consistency of product works exceptionally well in a salon sets, providing coverage for the nails from the first layer.

It doesn't chip or flake. It works very well with the nail surface.


Gel Polish NOBLE is free of harmful HEMA ingredients, which means that nails are less prone to allergies during a clean and proper product application. The product works great on both natural nail plates and gel or acrylic-gel extensions.

YOKABA 67 Red Sparkle NOBLE gel polish 7ml


    NOBLE is a top-quality nail polish. Working with it is incredibly enjoyable and comfortable. Its creamy and dense consistency allows for precise nail colouring without flooding the cuticles.

    The professional and flexible brush facilitates precise application. High pigmentation allows for beautiful nail art. The colours of NOBLE gel polishes blend well together, creating new shades essential for decorations. A satisfying choice for any nail stylist.




    • Creamy and dense consistency

    • Coverage from the first layer

    • Has a dispersion layer


    • Easy and clean application

    • Doesn't flood cuticles

    • Brush tailored to creamy consistency

    • Without HEMA


    • Coverage from the first layer speeds up the styling time

    • Bold and saturated colors blend beautifully, allowing for beautiful decorations

    • A product without HEMA in your salon, which is a great choice for people allergic to these substances while maintaining the best professional properties of nail styling products.

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