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Dual AcrylicGel Milky is a milky, camouflage acrylic gel. Dual AcrylicGel is a combination of acrylic and gel. This is by far the hardest product in Julia Nessa range that can be used for nail styling. It's essential to use a cleaner, isopropylene alcohol or acetone for its application. It can be used to build natural nails, work on a form, dual form and 3D decorations. Its multi-tasking featutes make it work with any nail type. You can successfully infill the missing edges without using a form. Dual AcrylicGel products can be combined with standard gel or gel polish products. The consistency allows for full control without fear of spilling the cuticles.

Dual AcrylicGel Milky 30ml

£25.00 Regular Price
£16.25Sale Price

  • • Hardness, adhesion
    • Allows building 5 nails at a time
    • Does not come under the free edge of the nail
    • Can be clamped
    • Dedicated extreme shapes
    • Great for 3D decorations
    • Curing time: 90 sec in DUAL LED 48W lamp



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