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Rubber Base Milky 8 ml gel polish base is a transparent, rubber gel base dedicated to weak and brittle nails. Medium thick consistency gives full control and allows you to easily build an apex. Combines perfectly with other Rubber bases. It can also be used as a gel base. The only thing you should remember is to apply it by rubbing it.



Rubber Base Milky perfectly matches neon colours and facilitates the application of gel polishes in pastel shades.

Rubber Base Pink and Natural are the perfect foundation for French or babyboomer. You can use them for a wedding or nude designs.

CLEAR Gel Polish Rubber Base Julia Nessa 8ml

  • • Adhesion, durability
    • Can be used as a gel base
    • Allows building on a natural nail
    • Strongly hardens the natural nail plate
    • Works well with weak and brittle nails
    • Gives the effect of natural, healthy nails
    • Partially camouflages nail imperfections
    • Curing time: 30 sec in DUAL LED 48W lamp/120 sec in UV 35W lamp

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