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Aquaness watercolour paint is a dry watercolour paint disassembled into rectangular containers compatible with a watercolour paint box. Glitter / pearl paints are available in 22 amazing colorus that can be used for wedding, carnival and holiday designs, but also for everyday looks. In addition to glossy paints, the offer includes 18 paints in standard shades. Perfect solubility in paints allows to freely paint the pattern without worrying that it will leave unevenness on the nail or tips.

AquaNess blue watercolour 1.5ml

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  • Aquaness are dry watercolour paints that must be mixed with water before use. The whole range includes 18 pigmented paints in standard colours and 22 metallic paints. They are great for wedding and spring designs. Paints dissolve perfectly in water, which makes the surface flat after drying.


    Characteristics of individual colours:

    Standard - paints without glitter or shimmering elements.

    Glitter - metallic paints with very high coverage.

    Pearl - metallic paints that give a glow to the painted pattern.

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